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The Latest in groundbreaking and Historical Discoveries related to the Florczak legacy

25 June 2012

My research has kept me in the southern part of Poland near the city of Zabno while I research the origins of the Chmura and Wozniczka Family line. I have mangaged to film the birth records of my Great Grandmothers Parents, my 2nd great Grandparents, Jan Wozniczka and Sophia Skrzyniarz. Their birth records also give us the names of their parents and grandparents. The records span three generations, ..what a find!

21 July 2011

New Siblings of Piotr Florczak Discovered

Another visit to the LDS library last night pays again. Records from the 1872 parish of Imielno (pictured below) reveal that Piotr has yet another sister. Antonina Florczak is the oldest known child of Wojciech and Katarzyna, born in 1872, she was 7 years older that my Great grandfather Piotr. Also discovered among the Imielno records was a brother named Jozef born ~ 1874.
I just happened to catch the name of Wojciech Florczak in this document hand written in Russian cyrillic, ..don't ask me how I did that.

7 July 2011

New Florczak Generation Discovered

After sifting through various microfilm records from the LDS archives, I happened across the 1861 marriage record of Wojciech Florczak and Katarzyna Szalanski. The record gives us the names of their parents.

Drum roll please...

Jan Florczak and Rozalii Bajerski

Parents of Wojciech Florczak , Paternal Grandparents of Piotr Florczak


Tomasz Szalanski and Marjanna Lach

Parents of Katarzyna Szalanski, Maternal Grandparents of Piotr Florczak
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