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The 1909 Marriage Announcement


Piotr and Marjanna Florczak

It happened in Imielno on the twelfth day of October nineteen hundred and ten at six pm.

We announce that in presence of witnesses: Boleslaw Banaszkiewicz, age thity three, and Michal Wolniewicz, farmer, age thirth six, both residents of Wilkowyja, a religious marriage was contracted on that date between Piotr Florczak, farmer, bachelor, born in and a resident in Wilkowyja, son of Wojciech and Katarzyna nee Szalanska, Florczak, a married couple, age thirty one, and Marianna Komorek, virgin, age twenty one, born in Ostrowy, resident with parents, millers in Wilkowyja, daughter of Marcin and Elzbieta nee Arkita, Komorek, a married couple.

This marriage was preceded by three banns announced in this parish church in Imielno on the days: twenty fifth of Sep, second of Oct and ninth of Oct of the present year.

The newlyweds declared that they had no premarital contract. The religious marriage was blessed by the parish priest Jaroszniek.

The record was read to the newlyweds and witnesses and signed only by us

- Fr. Anton Jaroszniek
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